Sunday, September 19, 2010

Superchunk Digging for Something by some oldsters

SINGLE REVIEW: Superchunk's Digging for Something off of Majesty Shredding. Love this song it's like a long lost friend who got drunk at the bar and then found their way back wearing the same cloths you saw them in the night before. ok maybe the label says reinvented by american apparel on it but they smell the same. Has the elements you'd expect from years gone by from portastatic to now from Mac and company. Never trying to be something they are not but except a indie rock band from North Carolina. No please all fucking hipsters please go die and then buy this record and all their old stuff on Merge Records. You are being made fun of by the old folks. WATCH VIDEO >>

Download mp3:
"Digging for Something" by Superchunk
"Through With People" (Portastatic cover) by Barbara Manning

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