Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hey it's 2010 and the Oldsters are kicking Brooklyn ass (Mostly)

Hey ironic mustaches! Can you focus on the music and less on your retro brown pants? I dig the tats but those will get saggy in due time. I dig openness but most of you will get conservative soon too but what will last is your attention to music and your legacy. Not going to directly slag your scene but this year yet again The Oldsters are kicking music's punkless-asses all over Fulton Street like a sober pathetic drunk. It should be an all out knife fight with the jukebook but it mostly sounds like a tuneless teen idle worship. I'm begging for somebody to point me to some new dish. Seriously this is your last chance.

Here's 7 of my Top 10 Music List of 2010 (so far):
Teenage Fanclub - Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Seconds: A Short Cut T Damn talk about a pop-tart vocal triumph. Try this T on for size "Ain't That Enough" mp3
The Fall - The Future of Clutter Wow on first listen its like peeling the wax out of my ears with pretty distorted things like solvent is to glue is to the desperate need of fresh air in this lame new music landscape. Taste this download "Hot Cake" - mp3
The New Pornographers - Together Has already made billboard waves. It's going to be huge this year no denying the songster genius. Kick down the clutch and download "If You Can’t See My Mirrors" - mp3
The Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever Ironically mustacheless with one man down there is no stopping Craig Finn and this band. Toping their last release it gives a big fat lip to Aerosmith greatest hits like it was nothing. Have a drink my fellows and sample "The Weekenders" mp3
Sweetapple - Love & Desperation Dude you like kiss and big monster drug rock guitars with solos? If Witch, Cobra Verde and J Mascis started a band they would sound like this... oh wait. You can't be metaphor to yourself or can you? Chomp on this one geeks (Hint: sounds nothin' like Country Life but the cover sure is nice)"Flying Up A Mountain" m4a
Male Bonding - Nothing Hurts You know your local record store dorks have made this record just for you when think it just flows naturally after listening to all the bands listed above no matter the track. They cut out the schwagg and just give you the raw parts. Sort of like Obits meets Crystal Stilts. It's raw like the smell of a hot plastic cassette mix in the summer which you bank on upping you chances of getting some(From London so Brooklyn you just had your teeth given to you neatly wrapped in under 29 minutes and 34 seconds. Try "Year's Not Long" mp3
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - The Brutalist Bricks Jersey always performs well with Bloomfield local with this one being Ted's 9th release. This batch of songs is up there with The Tyranny of Distance in my humble opinion. It's raw in all the right places and never trying to be something he's not so super huge amount of respect to this brand of punkrock. Dig "Gimme The Wire" mp3

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