Sunday, August 01, 2010

Music Bootleggers bring the show to you

There are a lot of great shows this summer which makes it impossible to attend but goody for us the live show "tapers" are a dedicated kind. Sure it's all digital now but whatever. You don't have to stand there. They do the work for you. Here's some tasty bites. So crack open a beer and crank up these shows.

Tapers & Bootleggers:
nyctaper: Has very recent shows byBuilt to Spill and The Flaming Lips
Southern Shelter: Melvins@40WattAthens and a old Tortoise show the Standards tour 2001.
North East Recordings: Hold Steady at Toads places and The Feelies from back in March.


nyctaper said...

None of us are "bootleggers". We are all entirely legit, posting recording with artists' permission or who have an open taping policy.

Anonymous said...

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