Saturday, August 21, 2010

Joe Strummer Know your Rights

Direct from Julien Temple's movie The Future is Unwritten a great bit from Joe Strummer (RIP 1952-2002)when he's waxing philosophic, he says "without people, you are nothing". What I think Joe was driving at is we live in a insulated society and we need to pay attention to those around us to make our and their lives richer. Still to this day with dominance of office culture in our social networks this fact is even more true. Your head is down trudging along to the next email. In a recent interview, with my now friend Jack Rabid (for a project I'm doing), who had the pleasure of buying Mr. Strummer a beer when he interviewed him for his magazine The Big Takeover. I saw this intensity for people in Jack's eyes and in how hiss a passion for the people who make music, and in the things he said, and in particular when he recalled said interview. I won't be the spoiler until it's released on Create or Else just yet. but somehow the vibe was transferred to guys like Jack and between the sub-text and fascination with culture and class that The Clash and Joe cared about so much. The notion that you can affect the future even if it is one soul at time is pretty great. Here are few tracks that if anything will enrich your day but for a moment every time you listen to them or they randomly come up on your ipod. They do for me anyways. Enjoy.

Joe Strummer's Midnight Dream - By Angledust featuring Chris Harford and Andrew Weiss
"Without People, You're Nothing" - Joe Strummer from The Future Is Unwritten (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Clash Live Passaic NJ 1980 (When everything happened)
Guns of Brixton
Spanish Bombs
Police & Thieves
Complete Control
Tommy Gun

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Tim Merrick said...

Great post and live tracks, thanks so much

BOPST said...

Great live recording. You are a scholar & a gentleman for posting this....