Saturday, June 27, 2009

Joe Strummer Love Kills

So did Farrah Fawcett get trumped or what? When one large icon dies it's always a good time to remember some of the others who were nothing but good souls. Joe Strummer (1952–2002) was always true to his roots and the origin of rockn'roll. Thus his 50's look I would say. Part of legacy brings the Strummerville Foundation which strives to enable folks the opportunity to create music who may not have the chance.

"Love Kills" was the title track for Sid & Nancy movie soundtrack. Being as I totally missed 7" Friday yesterday I'm giving you a 12" LP on Sunday. Here's the dub mix promo of said song which I found in the bins at the Princeton record exchange. If you want some nostalgia check out this Out of Control T-Shirt from the good folks at worn free. I have a red one and so should you if they are still available. They have some cool stuff.

MP3 Love Kills Dub version [buy some]
MP3Silver & Gold with the Mescaleros
MP3Straight to Hell Cover by Lily Allen who Joe was a godfather too. Strangeness.

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Molli Fire said...

she sure did! her battle with cancer was so difficult and her death completely overshadowed by MJ. it's a shame. big fan of Strummer too, so great post!