Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I dig the Hold Steady for everything they are not

Major leage props to pitchfork (yes I know who knew this day would come) for posting 7 songs from their festival on their TV channel of the hold steady playing live. Damn. These guys were nerds. Nobody was paying attention to them years ago in their earlier incarnation of Lifter Puller. I had their cd back in the zines daze and thought they were just another rocknroll band too. Now they are doing the same thing on south and main from Brooklyn usa and still killing it 4 albums in. Drinking budweisers and talking at you live before happy hour starts. Check them out when you get a chance. If you dig the replacements and ac/dc and kiss. Chances are they will be as drunk as you are but still be able to hold their tune drinks above the bar as they have learned from the mistakes of their former masters and on their own. To repeat this is a bar band so you're going to need to know the words because there are a lot of them.

Find some Hold Steady tracks on hype-non-standard
mp3 - Atlantic City (Spingsteen Cover)
mp3 - Constructive Summer - Stay Positive

or better yet buy some on emusic (better idea).

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