Friday, June 05, 2009

Superconducter vs Mudhoney and George Clinton

Throwing a couple things at ya this on 7" Friday from the grunge and funk variety.
First up is a group called Superconductor from Vancouver, B.C. Canada that featured 10 freakin' band members at times that came out on Scratch and boner Records (catalog number BR30) out of California (same label as the Melvins) in the very early 90's. On this release they had (7) seven guitar players, (2) two bass players and (1) one drummer nicknamed on the 45 as follows: Dream Whip (G), It's on You (G), Thighmaster(B), He who is named (G/V), Flying Fist(G), Noise Annoys(G), El Impacto (D,V,bontempi), Sweet Bitch (B), Alan Smithee(G) and Delicious Warm on (G). This particular release was called Heavy With Puppy, produced by Don Gordon and band, engineered by Ken Marshall in Nov of 1991. The photo above is by Mike Ledwidge and group photo below by Mark Critchley from the inside cover. Now I suppose you're going to find out what this sounds like if like loud raunchy guitar music. I was always impressed how tightly they could play together and not sound like a washed out mess. Then again I never got an opportunity to see them live but always enjoyed their releases when I could find them. Enjoy the noise man.

Mp3 - This side: Bushpilot - Superconductor
Mp3 - Baby Side: Satori Part One - Superconductor

Printed on baby side it says "Smoking during pregnancy can harm the baby"

The bonus for today is a cover of "Pump It Up"(Elvis Costello Cover) by Mudhoney that was a 7" promo for the movie PCU. The flip is George Clinton doing a track call "Stomp". Fun stuff. Enough said.

Mp3 - Pump it up (cover) - Mudhoney
Mp3 - Stomp - George Clinton

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Anonymous said...

oh man! Superconductor! Thanks for posting. Saw them live at the World Famous Up and Up Tavern in Bellingham when I was going to school there. They had a dozen with them that night.

Don "Frog" Wesley