Sunday, August 15, 2010

The InnerSpeaker of Tame Impala

ALBUM REVIEW: Tame Impala's InnerSpeaker is a jam band like no other in love with guitar effects, rubber soul and the mysterious retro parts of the Flaming Lips. Ok maybe they are more Pink Floyd but the thing is with the distortion and big drums things get like an ocean engulfed by pixies on the top with these spacey vocals that just make this album work. Right see key is here I said album. All of these tracks are woven together with guitars to create a great soundscape for that old black velvet 70's nude psychedelic poster you have.

Tame Impala_02_Desire Be Desire Go


Anonymous said...

Автомобили и прицепы, как пользоваться смотрите здесь.

jgtwentysix said...

cool album, thanks for the tip. It's like a mix of Sgt. Peppery Beatles and the new MGMT album.