Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Ghost of New Model Army

ONLY US SHOWS: Even 30 years ago New Model Army has always been a band way ahead of their time. Always political in nature to the point of keeping them out of US according to Wiki. If I had to batch them together you could say they were a mash up of The Cult when they go acoustic or solo, Killing Joke (when they light torches) and Jesus and Mary Chain because of the leather except they played with large rusty axes and played fast with lots of chicks dressed in animal skins (imagination runs wild). Fronted by Justin Sullivan a underworld cult hero and leading their 12th band release last year Today is a good Day is as fresh as it was back in 1986 and could give all the bands on relapse a wake-up call that there can be more depth to the thrash metal genre -something they invented in my humble opinion and are still taking it to the next level in the vain of Neurosis. When I first heard their music many presidents ago it hit me that the bass could be distorted way beyond anything Geddy Lee could pull off. The newer material is big rock in a big way and still good. Once you test drive the mp3s below go find The Ghost Of Cain release. Happy hunting.

Taste some of their dirt:
Today is a good Day (title track)

They are coming to rip-up up the pavement:
Friday September 3 & September 4, 2010 - Brooklyn, NY @ Bell House
149 7th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 643-6510;

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