Saturday, July 31, 2010

NYC's Flower reunited

This photo is from The Big Takeover's 30th anniversary show at the Bell House in Brooklyn taking place this weekend. The opening band EDP broke-up a week prior so they did not play but was amazing to finally see Flower(ex-Versus and Cell/French) and hear Jack say as he was rocking out right up in front "that they sound as vital and fresh as they did 17 years ago!". To say the least the first night of these two shows was a raging success. Great energy and people meeting for the first time was among the chatter. Was very cool to see the nyc scene come out and give their support to The Big Takeover and see rabid shoegazer fans from all over the country who came to listen and play this one-off festival(or is it?). If you are in the neighborhood you should go to Night 2 which starts at 4pm. Oh and if you are worried about finding a place to eat around there; for this event there is a charcoal grill out front called Dirks Burgers; which you can feast on and bring inside to eat at the fest. If you ask nicely they might even make you a veggie burger. Lastly bring a wad of cash because the merch table has some pretty great stuff. Including a BTO beer cozies and back issues of the mag. More pictures soon!

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