Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nada Surf If I had a hi-fi re-discover some covers

ALBUM REVIEW: It's becoming quite the indie thing to cover things that inspire you. Used to be old form for labels in 50's 60's and 70's to have their big star play a great song by up and coming artists. Actually I don't think that practice ever stopped in this case we must behold Mathew Caws as a curator with exceptional taste on If I had a hi-fi. I'd guess he might have wished he wrote the song picks on this record because honestly if you told me hey here is new Nada Surf i would of said great and carried on with my album review. Actually, that is almost what happened but as looked at the liner notes and production credits it dawned on me. Sure the sticker on the cover gave it away that there were few covers like DEpeche F*cking Mode? So expected a couple but Really and entire Cd's worth? Cool. I have to admit some of these bands I've never heard of but acts poptopia bands like The Go-Betweens. Anyway, you can find most of these bands on emusic so if you are hurting for some selects. Start here and then go crazy.

Covers by original Artists from If I had a hi-fi(Mostly):
Electrocution by Bill Fox
Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode
Love Goes On by The Go-Betweens
Janine by Arthur Russell 70's scenster and musician
You Were So Warm by The Dwight Twilley Band. I couldn't find this one but here is I "I Love You So Much" which is just as as good.
Love and Anger by Kate Bush from her record The Sensual World. I have to admit I never was a big fan but this song is great.
The Agony of Laffitte by Spoon, an Acoustic diddy on a Saddle Creek cd single
Bye Bye Beaute By French singer/songwriter intstrumentalist Coralie Clement. I could find this track but found something equally as good. Try "Paris dix heures du soir - Coralie Clément" instead.
Question By Moody Blues. her'e a version live from the Isle of Wright
Bright Side by The Soft Pack formerly The Muslims.
Evolution by Mercromina. This band is from Spain and pretty damn awesome. If you go and scoop up a whole discography blindly from any of these do it for these guys.
I Remembered What I Was Going to Say by The Silly Pillows. Try "Music on my Mind" which has a ripping solo.

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