Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pete Yorn Single Review Precious Stone aquisition model

Talk about a public advance. In September the new S/T album by Pete Yorn on Vagrant records is coming out. It's back to a older form from the sounds of the new single "Precious Stone". Which if you tweet and follow you can download here for free. I'm interested in this record as a body of work vs. a single but here you go. It's the new promotion model and the way things are going. The question is will the music industry ever be able to track this like a top 40 list for pop or rock? Or does a new music release really matter and can it make artists money with their tie-ins? Seems like a lot of work. Does it matter what brands they associate themselves with? Do you care?

If you were at one of the SPIN 25 live shows (Smashing pumpkins, Flaming Lips, BLack Keys) this week in NYC that were broadcast live you also got a download card (if you took one) and could grab four free music tracks from (totally a banal url but whatev) some of the models handing out the cards were hot but I mostly witnessed people not taking the hand-out. Obvious catch it's a Amex credit card acquisition program looking to hook up another generation with buying power. I might be over qualified but if you don't have credit probably a good way to start your trek into adulthood and get some music. Then again the chick who had fallen down outside from the nitrous oxide balloon hit is probably not a good candidate but that won't show-up on her credit report.

These choices bring up a couple questions. How would you prefer to support your favorite artists? I'm ok with the Zync model because you know the Lips got paid to drive you to get some sponsored downloads (at least I hope) and see them do their thing live in a smallish venue. Much like iTunes did in the early days of those bottle cap promotions with Coke. Or was that Pepsi? Or does it matter? Truth is 10% of world cares how they get their music and even that guess is a generous one but question is how do we expand the branded model. There is so much great music out there and to support Lady Gaga does not make any fucking sense at all. It's a better practice to change the model of ripping of artists when we can although i don't see myself downloading anything above the line (ever!). Sure this blog posts free downloads but it's to hook you into the deeper quest to share culture and support by making the point of entry as easy as possible and turn you onto stuff you might like.


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