Monday, July 26, 2010

Songs you can't stoping listening too

I sent a simple tweet and FB post this past weekend asking my "friends" what songs they could not stop listening too. Some folks sent a old song others something newish. Well at least in this decade. Here are bunch of tracks in exercise of randomness. Enjoy your New Music Monday.

Center of the Universe by built to spill (ANTHONY)

Miles Davis & Cool by The Gaslight Anthem (AMY K)

Yellow Pills by the band called 20/20 (J.WERTZ) Damn can't find this one but hopefully soon!

Nothing Better by The Postal Service (AMY S)


You're Black & Blue by The Exploding Hearts (ROKOSE)

What A Fool Believes(PADDEN FROM PILOT TO GUNNER) He was vague. There are like 100 songs with this title. Take your pick.

Hold On by Wilson Phillips (A.ROCKMAN) I could not find a copy in my library. Weird huh?

Why Worry by Dire Straits (EKATERINA) Ditto on this. I could not find but interesting selection from my russian Friend.

Touch Me I'm Sick by Mudhoney(F.BRIDGES) Wasn't sure if this was because of some Baletine ale he had consumed over the weekend and then proceeded to run a 5k but alas a great song!

Too Many Birds by Bill Callahan (MOSER)

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