Thursday, July 01, 2010

2010 Summer Rock Mix II - Can you say jail-bait?

Try some of these jems in your mix this hot summer. Haven't really had anytime to make a podcast so you'll have to make your own. I'll call you up on the phone and mumble a couple things about any of these bands after I've had a few beers. Do you sense a theme? Do it to impress the ladies.

Nervous Breakdown from the Drunken Confessions Whiskeytown demo by Ryan Adams and friends. Get all these bootleged tracks from CaptainsDead

Hot Tub by Full of Fancy - Killer distorted bass playing on this. This jersey band is really coming into their own. These girls know how to partay. Check out some more jerseyrock on the nj underground.

I Will Be by the Dum Dum Girls s/t - Great shit, Riotgurl throwback but not as low-fi but just as likable despite all the reverb. It's the fem fatale version of Obits.

All Things This Way by Male Bonding From Nothing Hurts - Dig this Brit-Rok band. "Produced" by John Agnello to boot. If you like We Were Promised Jet Packs you might like these guys because they are more fIREHOSE and husker du in their approach. At least IMHO.

Karma Police(cover) by Easy Star All Stars - Was reminded of this band when I heard Amanda Palmer covering Idioteque on a Ukele? WTF? Strangely fitting.

Little Red Corvette (Cover by you know who) by Montagna & The Mouth To Mouth from L'avenir. This is the closer on this record and it really caught me by surprise since I first listened to it in reverse. This track came-up first. You should try that some time if your' into ignoring bios and other liner notes.

The Go Getter by The Black Keys from their new one Brothers. Is it me or does everything sound like its a soundtrack for Treme? Distorted and un-pretty groovy sounds on this one posing as down and out New Orleans street music. It works for me.

The Newborn Hippopotamus / Jazz Rock Machine Curated by DJ Shadow from his Schoolhouse funk compilation. I picked this CD up at the Sound Station as a reco from my bearded friend there. These are a bunch of one-off Highschool jazz band records. Super rare obviously.

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