Monday, October 18, 2010

2 Minutes of Silence to remember dead Soldiers

I think this could be considered a ode to John Cage's thoughts on Silence. Where on UK's Remembrance Sunday for us all to think about all the troops who have lost their lives in idiotic wars. The Goal is to get a silent single to go to #1. Thom Yorke has lent his mug to give this thoughts attention to this cause. This is Bono territory and good to see him not just talk the talk. Check out the poppysingle2010 page on facebook. This is the 10 second video single for "2 MINUTE SILENCE". Help get it to Number 1 in the charts for Nov 14. Sign up at the British Legion for a friendly reminder.

"The sound experience which i prefer to all others is the experience of silence. And the silence almost everywhere in the world now is traffic..." - John Cage.

Cage is known for the piece "4:33" or yes that is four minutes thirty-three seconds which you can see here being played here by a full concert orchestra on TV. On analog clock of course!

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Anonymous said...

I just need a little explanation, would anyone care to elaborate on the last comment?
There's a lot of stupidity in this world. Should we fight it or just let it take of itself?
Hey, can I blog from text editor, you know just type stuff and make it appear on some website? I'm really not a very technical person.
I was once trying to write jokes, and it didn't turn out too well. I'm not the brightest lightbulb, and I live with my mom.

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