Monday, October 11, 2010

60ish Surf Music

I'm not a huge fanatic of Surf Music genre but there are a bunch of great bands that have kept this type of homage alive to 60's nostalgia, drive-in movies and the Hawaiian shirt. Ok a lot of images come to mind when you think of tunes drenched in fender reverb, fast guitar picking instrumentals and hot babes. Crap they'll write a song about anything. The greatest thing is the music is devoid of pretense and rarely a is there a vocal melody to be had. The guitars do the talking in it's purest of white-bread Americana.

Drag Strip by Link Ray w/ The Fenders Benders from Some Kine of Nut Vol.3. Yeah, this guy single-handedly pretty much defines quality control for Surf Music having recorded probably more than any other or even lent his gear to folks recording his kind of music. Frederick Lincoln AKA "Link" Wray Jr.(1929 - 2005) was first known for his song "Rumble."

Fathom This! by The Fathoms from Boston, Mass. Are you noticing a theme with all the water related names? Noticeable pun perhaps or just good surf marketing? Is there such a thing as bad surf music marketing? Some of these bands brought back the genre in 1990's and others are just some of the originators, which there are 100's of.

Six Pack by The Phantom Surfers. Yeah a cool a song about beer. What kind of beer? Does it even fucking matter? I could and will some day write a whole blog post about beer. From San Francisco according to their MS page and

"Better than Most Surf Bands, Not as good as Some". Have put out records on Estrus, Look-out you name it. Crap i don't even think the artwork is right but whatever...

Psychotronic by The Insect Surfers from the compilation Rock Don't Run Vol.3. A lot of great stuff on here. One song or band is more brilliantly titled after the next. Also features tracks by Los Straightjackets, Boss Martians, and The Tiki-Tones. Coming up with the kookie surf band names is a fun drinking game. TIS claim to be the longest running "modern" surf band.

Wave by Satan's Pilgrams from Around The World With Satan's Pilgrims. I was introduced to this band by Empty Records back in 94-95 and I loved them ever since. They took their name from 60's B-flick Satan's Sadists. Great shit. [Buy]

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