Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wesley Willis covers Bowie

I had the pleasure of hosting Wesley Willis(RIP 1963-2003) a few times on his tours. You might even heard or read me tell the story that every time he managed to break my toilet seats but despite that he was a totally sweet human being. He had his moments being a diagnosed schizophrenic and all and it was quite the chore for any band to bring him out. One of those bands was a Chicago band called Today's My Super Space Out Day. Sort of a short emo band name by today's standards but actually a really powerful rock trio. Anyway, below is a jam recorded in my living room in Red Bank, NJ one morning after a rock show. Rock Over London Rock over New Jersey. Now give me a head-butt. Miss you Wesley.

"Ziggy killed the band" by Wesley Willis w/Rick Nitz on Acoustic Guitar from TMSSOD.
"Henry Rollins" by Wesley from SMD Promotions CD (autographed)

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