Saturday, May 23, 2009

British Sea Power - Man of Aran

Man of Aran is a beautiful black and white silent film that British Sea Power created a sound track for that takes place in Ireland. In this segment the track No Man Is An Archipelago is featured. The song is similar to one on Do you like Rock Music? but it works beautifully. I don't don't care. Glad to hear such stellar music form these Brighton chaps.

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Anonymous said...

I watched this film about 20 years ago in a small auditorium on a trip to Inishmoor (the Aran island off the west coast of Ireland on which this is based). There are markers all along the roadside commemorating the men who didn't return in their tar-paper boats. They risked their lives (long before the film was made in the early 30s)to bring home shark liver oil in order to light their lamps. Nice to see the film is still alive and well.
-BC--Fanwood, NJ