Monday, September 15, 2008

End of Summer Playlist 2008

While this has been a busy summer full of local festivals; it is sad to say that the spoils of summer have not been as plentiful as recent memory serves. Show #23 has been changed several times and then there was the Peecee blow out where the most recent playlists were lost to the ether. Now Fall is upon me like the doom of winter and I have to get it in gear. To abide by my self-imposed deadline here is a quick playlist with some mp3 links to said tunes (ethical or not). Enjoy:

1) The Young Knifes of Superabundance with "Turn Tail" - I stumbled on this and if said hey radiohead what would your music sound like if you were 20 years younger when you made the Bends. This is what it would sound like.

2) Idaho from the Forbidden EP "The Thick and the Thin" (mp3via sneakmove)- I am late comer to Jeff Martin's music, so it is all new to me. Very ethereal soundscape material no wonder he mostly does soundtracks for movies.

3) British Sea Power from Do You Like Rock Music? brought "Waving Flags" - Trance guitars and shoe gazers geeks who apparently speak their own language. Subscribe to their newsletter and you will see what I mean.

4) Bruce Springsteen's "Girls in their summer clothes" - Probably the best song from this past year. Really captures the essence of the title and reminds of the jersey shore hook line and sinker.

5) Cloud Cult "Everybody Here Is A Cloud" via their album Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes)
(from Fuel Friends) Has this new pornographer/arcade fire, shins vibe that I dig.

6) The Roadside Graves brought me the best title for a song called "Lot Lizards Ain't Lip Kissers" via Pop Headwound from a Sort of Dylanesque vocals; totally alt country with a hippie lemon-lime twist. Also check out the shit kicking drum dirge "Ruby". Good stuff fellers. You make Jersey proud.

Update: Summer 2009 playlist go here!

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