Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stuyvesant Linden Calling Album Review

New Jersey has been producing great music for some time. In fact we will grandstand here and say all the fools who move to newborklyn or la to "make it" or be entertained are retards. Stuyvesant is all parts equipped with punk veterans and can keep the attention of any special needs kids who needs to be spoon fed their music. Sometimes sounding like the west coast and other times packing that NJ edge makes Stuyvesant's latest tasty album release on Manual Phono unlike the acquired taste of a Fishmilk shake. I kid them because I think I've known a couple of them for more than 10 years (Yikes! we're fuckin old) so it is hard to be an ass and be constructive at the same time so I can only tell it like it is my brothers. So lets start with Linden Callings artwork shall we? I love it, nobody takes the time anymore to make stuff look cool, as if were handled with care, in particular if you are comic book fan the Boy Howdy tv illustration is killer(which you can get from their site i think). The lyrics here won't win a Pulitzer but if there were a rock lyrics award Ralph Malanga (formerly of Footstone) would be in the running for story telling and fitting large amounts of syllables in 3 minute pop-punk marvels that don't need to studio pro-tool polish most bands hide behind these days. Plus,there are only three chords required to rock and this records proves the point. Their music shows their fan dome for the likes of Social D, Ted Leo, Mats and the Decendents ,etc,etc, blah, blah. Hats off to some of the song names but these are the stand-out tracks: "Liars Poker", "Tape Hiss", "forgotten two" and "Salieri". Enjoy.

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