Saturday, August 13, 2005

Joe Strummer: archives revisited

A pretty decent Pitchfork Review of a cd compThe 101'ers / Joe Strummer: Elgin Avenue Breakdown Revisited / Walker OST, three albums on one shiny disc. In my opinion though if you are going to invest in any post Clash strummer material, start with street core and work your way around. Reserve this new release for your deep dive. The man was a visionary and icon who's everyday working man ways tell the tale of a approachable humble perspective, not just thru punk but incorporating world music. To talk and live a little in the same shoes would be a powerful a action. To invite a stranger for a pint, give him all the dough in your pocket or give him/her your ear if you thought it would help, and I think it is the listening bit that made joe larger than life.

Our homework is to unfocus on our baggage and when your out and about you will soon realize you've go it good. You've got a blog and too much time on your hands.

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