Friday, September 02, 2005

working on my top 10 for 05'

Armed with nothing more than a Fosters Oil can, Ginsing tea for lunch and some late work-nite spunk, I present to you my top 5 out of 10 for the year so far. Considering that business is in it’s 4th quarter stretch and there are some juicy releases yet to be released or found and be noted right before cmj. Here it goes in no particular order.

  • Portastatic – Bright Ideas – Merge Records
  • And you will know us by Trail of Dead – Worlds Apart –
  • Pernice Brothers – Discover a Lovelier you
  • Spoon – Gimme Fiction
  • Stephen Malkmus – Face the truth - matador

Ok, so I can’t remember the two’s indie’s as I have not copied over the files from my home computer to work computer, and well frankly my life is rife with details and a few slip to the way side only to be recalled at very weird times. Sometime during a piss and the guy next to me thinks I’m nuts. Other things that are on my radar are The Bigger Lovers, Grandaddy and anything by The Flamming Lips (see related post)




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