Friday, January 12, 2007

and you will know me by the size of my post: Chavez, Starlight mints, Portastatic, the Walkmen

When you reach out to a friend he/she doesn't answer. Insulated in their little world so you figure you'll make a post for those that are listening. I have honestly been neglecting you bloggy and spending a lot more time on your mog pages but here is a little something for your belly. Of course post is duplicated on mog but whatever...

Your three pointer for the week:

1) There is a free single called "Another one goes by: from The Walkmen off of one of their older releases on emusic, Another One goes by. Very good stuff if you ever wondered what Dylan would do w/ alternative music and a different slant on VU interpretations.

2) In a 3 band twist-up, there are some nice nuggets by the starlight mints, The Winks and Portastatic on i guess I'm floating's mp3 site as part of his Reach Around postings.

3) And my final offering from a electrical boards posting and for the few guitar indie snobs around here:
chavez their whole Warsaw set from their recent brooklyn show. I asked Rbally to take the mv4 files and give them a little more gain, so lets see if he does. I posted a review of said Dec 2006 show before, but in case you missed it, and in recap, it reminded me why so many bands are week in scope and you should really just break up your band if there is no sort of hit, greatness or if the chicks don't dig it. Chavez have always been 2/3 in this band qualifications in that respect. The wreckage is filled with some incredible guitar and drum work, with a zero tolerence nod to prog and is the place where the quick math rock geek might have reared itself first in me (don cab and shellac aside). They enable the type of guitarscapes where sonic tone actually speaks to me, in way that lets say mission of burma, gang of four or even jimmy page's studio work. There is a certain way players handle a piece of wood and carve out music by the very way they touch it, bend strings, set-up the knobs, and well you just say, F it I could never do that. [start english accent here] "Do you know what i mean?"

"Anybody can turn up to 11." [end]
- Enjoy.

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