Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Results for Tris McCall's 2007 Critics poll Albums, Singles and Misc.

Ah, besides Christmas, the end of January is the time where my silo listening skills sometimes aligns with the masses and sometimes i'm like wtf or how did i miss this... This time there is no surprises. I missed and apparently play drums to a different beat than most. Other music I must admit i just ignore. Me gusta que me gusta. Blessed are the results for Tris Mccall's Critics Poll XVI Best albums, Best Singles and the misc category which is my favorite. The choice is still there to ignore but i get to see what other people are listening to. If you didn't participate this year beg him to put you on the tickler list for next year. You have to put in a lot of time downloading and listening to keep up with these folks so be warned. I'll be the spoiler hands down and agree that Of Montreal Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer made the number one album of 07. it's a massive album. The verbosity on the results and detail music geek insight is what makes his analysis a fantastic read. The Singles list is a funny mixed bag of indie and pop mainstream which makes this poll feel real and nobody trying to be cool and measure you up to anything. It is a people's vote. The most main stream track i voted for was Bruce's Girls in their summer clothes but that was it. I don't think i could name a Chemical Romance, alicia keys or Rihanna single to save my life. Nevermind Amy Whinhouse she is drugged up slob like courtney love in my book and i voted for Britney for biggest trainwreck. They all are in the same club. I did extreme pleasure in having my other 9 choices in the other number one singles list. e.g. no show. [see dj spork's top 20 list show]. Also, good read in case you think you missed something read his pop music abstract for 2007. Get through it and have a larf, if you need dictionary i won't tell anybdoy.
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