Friday, February 15, 2008

The Meadows Album review First Nervous Breakdown

The art of the album where a band actually sits around in room for months on end and spends time refining a record from riff to mix, to mastering, passes most bullshit bands these days. 'Oh we can fix it in protools' problem can not cure the ability and paing that goes into composing a good song. The mature layers that make up all the leaves in the field of dreams are not lost on The Meadows. These guys got song virtuisity down to a science like a drunk is good at getting his budweiser on. They weave and wave to all sorts of icons along the way including: Oasis, the best bubblegum fanclubs, and more obscure bands like the Railway Children. The sing-song alternative harmony parts one loves from bands like Tom Petty, Peter Yorn and tried and tue brit pop like coldplay are here too. So here is this second release called First Nervous Breakdown from Mr. Kevin Houlihan and Todd Herfindal that if I had any grammy power this would be nominated. This is a Willbury-esque songwriting duo that is up there like all the best mentioned above. If they tour a little great --somebody put me on the guest list. If you are in LA and see them playing tell Kevin I said hello. Dig it man. Thanks.

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rafaeloertel said...

hi, i´m crazy already looking for The Meadows albums!
if anyone knows where i could find it, it would be great!
send some link or something like to help, i really wanted this song...