Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mr. Thumb Trax East tunes on

It has been a long time since I have had this cassette kicking around, and I am sure Jhon Thumb has a better version somewhere of these tunes but the other day I took the time to post 7 tunes by the New Brunswick, NJ band Mr. Thumb on The band played with Barkmarket, Nude Swirl, Mule, and whole bunch of other nameless national acts. The music can best be described as classic prog grunge. I would start with

Flowers Are not Evil
and work my way back-up. Enjoy!

Former drummer Alum included: Ken Devoe, Gregor, Dave Rosenberg(aka D Crayola from Deadguy/Lifetime/Transiliva) and bunch of other dudes I can't remember their names- about 3 others. You know who you are.

Former singers: Bil Weis (trax east album) and Karl Munzel (This time it is gonna fuckin' hurt ep)

Bass: Yours truly D Buzz

Guitar/vox: Jhon Thumb

In other blogosphere news:

There are some eastern anchors trax posted on MS which were recently recorded at Moonlight Mile in Hoboken. The anchors are also slated to play a free show at Maxwells Sat Aug 30th w/ Brooklyn's Ff, Stuyvesant and No Pasaran! Rock.

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