Saturday, January 23, 2010

Best Mashups by FanFarOff and others thanks to the Amen Break

You gotta dig the effort in put into mash-up by individuals like FanFarOff who figure out how to featuring the Beatles, LCD Sound System and the kinks all in one tasty aural music pizza!
There are a couple other dancy ones with Nirvana and Dead or Alive that are cool but damn does Dave Grohl put down a mean dance beat not unlike the super famous "Amen Break". Yes, indeed the documentary monotone piece below by Mobius32 is like listening to paint dry but even the little bit of discography history in it is dang cool. Who knew that 6 seconds of a performance could lead to the concept of mash-ups? Where these rebels post stuff for free on the internet. Must drive the execs nuts. If you are wondering if anybody is making money on video mash-ups? Well duh g**gle figured it as reported by Business week out as long the labels don't shut it down. The 80's were cool when the new sampling art form was started. Gave rise to all sorts of creative from De la Sol to NWA. Then quickly dismantled by the record industry itself because of their shitty artist royalty trickle down economy that only works if they have a stake in it. My 10,000 foot pov here but whatever. Enjoy it while it lasts.

In particular i love this mash-up by FanFarOff with James Brown. Such a great use of melody and beats that creates this feet shuffling audioscape. Crazy.

here are some mash-up downloads with the band Muse or Prince vs Steve Nicks. Also for the lazy DJ like me there are some good mash-up on Culture Bully's best of 2008. As usual enjoy.


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