Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dj Spork Show #16 is live and some nuggets of love

I have a lot of catching up to do but right now you should be listening to the most recent dj spork show #16 Stereophonic Valentine Massacre that I recently posted(playa' to your right). If it weren't for Heather from fuel friends posting some awesome stuff and classic lost police tracks, elliot smith track listing from up comingnew moon lost archive album from Kill Rock Stars, and some Valentine love from some of her pals Some velvet blog and Duke from The Late Greats, i would not have any new music to mix up my lame daily commute to work. 1) because I am lazy, 2) because I do not have the time.
This week she also turned me onto streetlab, which I'll probably spin on an upcoming show, they do some weird shit to classic's like "gimme shelter", Not much else to report but enjoy the show, subcribe to dj spork review stalker rss, etc, and have a nice week.

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