Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hot Snakes Thunder Down Under

I don't know where his record was hiding from me in 2006. I've heard stories but for the un-initiated Thunder Down Under is a great Hot Snakes starter kit; temporary proof that the golden age of 'indie roc' died with their break-up. It's guitar tightness and ear bleeding volume speaks to the fact that their live performance puts the fear in cancer. They shook the ground from 1999-2005 or so, and it easily can be said that this music is not safe for folkies, disco fans or the notion of tough guy rock. The first spin will hurt your sensibility of many things, this is pure rock control put out by Swami Records. The rock energy and speed of the Supersucker's La Mano Cornuda can be compared as the evidence I submit to you (you have your homework), Thunder Down Under is on the same level demon seed level. They crush all the strokey, bloc party want to be's on go. Where have all the loud, tight and fast bands gone?

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