Saturday, March 03, 2007

Review: The Frames, The Cost of traveling all the time

Live Glen Hansard and The Frames kick ass soft loud and everything in between. They probably can be considered world ambassadors because they tour so much, and maybe even to a fault. Dance the Devil and for the birds were such strong albums that I felt a little disappointed with burn the maps when it went full on song alternative, and I thought of a letter I should send Glen that he should stay home for a little while to re-tool and investigate what motivates him best. The problem was he would never get it unless I handed it to him directly at show. The Cost is evidence of this maturation, perhaps a metaphor for the artistic sacrifice of being a touring musician. It does seem to look back musically at the over all tones and subtle difference that made his band such a personable experience in the first place; like the type of feeling you get when you run into a friend you have not seen in awhile. These familiar faces are the stand-out tracks, "People get ready" which reaches radiohead heights while still keeping that back porch feel, might be a little self concious but with his Irish charm they can get away with anything, "True" is dance the devil redux which is all good for me as it has the dynamics that will probably be a show stopper and "Falling Slowly" raises a nod back to their pub days. Check them out for cheap on emusic and use your extra bucks for a pint.

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