Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lollapalooza 05 Blogwarrior festival

I am a weekend blogwarrior because being back at a large Agency means there is no time to eat, rock or crap. However those that have true music jobs like Jon Pareles, the new york times pop music writer, have hit the "weekend festival" 05 'pallooza's 2 days worth of shows in Chicago for us(me). His summary is that YES, The Pixies translate to the main stage. I already knew that and this is not news. There are no grandious mysterious claims like back in pooza 03. It is obvious the brand is established. Some lucky people are going there this year to see some of their favorite rockers and knowing why a water costs $10. I might be making the number up but I am sure I am pretty close. It's a very large water. Hitting the stage are: Chicago native Liz Phair(picture courtesy of ny times), Weezer (metal posers),...and you will know us by the trail of dead (fun name to not abbreviate and one of the Indie bands that is famous for destroying their gear after every show --at least the drums), Pixies (songs about monkeys and UFOS - both funny song topics), Digable Planets (old hip hop) and Perry Farel on the kidsapooza stage(follow- trends muchs?). Honestly, it is too bad it was not scaled down in scope instead of cancelled across the country. There are a couple fall tours to look forward to before the clear channel ruined large live rock shows as we know it because of the control they have over the airwaves(a blog for another time inself).

Chime in people
What are your poza memories? I just remember being pissed because I couldn't go see Nirvana and played a loozerpallooza indie show down in south jersey somewhere. Why do you think the clear channel suck?[easy target]

Maybe by then I will have part of my life back? If anybody else goes to see something cool I would love to get a report, a cd, a blog... Hey even a bootleg of 05 pooza! Since, I do have a foreseen steady commute for the next millennium, I will have time to listen to music again. So in those regards you win.
Fall indie shows to look forward to: NJ's Wrens and Built to Spill.

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