Thursday, July 07, 2005

Superchunk's No Pocky for Kitty - Yeah!

Formerly on Matador Records and available thru Merge now Superchunk's seminal indie rock album No Pocky for Kity originally released in 91' is now available on! This is a must have for any indie rock snob. Like I can't even talk to you if you haven't blasted this one full-on. I had borrowed it many moons ago on cassette from my friend Ted. Their whole catalog is available including, tossing the seeds 7" compilation which you should also have for their version of Sebadoh's "It's so hard to fall in love" and of course "Slack Mother Fucker". If their ever were a indie rock anthem that is the one. A close 2nd is of course the tune "Web in front" off of Icky Mettle by The Archers of Loaf, which by the way I have not been able to find anywhere either. So somebody please hip me to a legal version of it. This too was on cassette for a very long time that I got to review for Jersey Beat, then a girlfriend ran off with the CD version, I had aquired after the tape had smoldered away... Yes, it's true you can recount your life biographically thru music like in the movie High Fidelity.

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