Saturday, July 09, 2005

Mr. Ambulance Driver vs. A Safe Bet

I got an email from Wayne of the Flaming Lips yesterday to check out a preview for their new single "Mr. Ambulance driver". You can listen to it: Windows or QuickTime which is on the wedding crashers soundtrack. It's fairly minimal, 70's-esque quagmire that builds itself up like all good Lip's tunes. Starts off with a nice guitar and electric piano talking about some sirens in the distance... Fairly fitting for the new kind of living 'Mericans are doing these days that the rest of world as already known for a very long time. Today's free emusic toolbar single "A Safe Bet" by Bats And Mice from their 2002 album Believe It Mammals is good rock. The chorus echos something classic emo by Sunny Day Real Estate mixed with some choppy midwestern bass riffage in the verses. Most definetly the better freebee mp3 of the week for sure. The hook relies on that sound found in more distinctive SDRE tunes but should make somebody curious enough to hear a couple more. There is a new Ep available on Lovitt records and as I parused the comeback of Bats And Mice makes sense because one of the guys played in Richmond's VA'sEngine Down, who are consequently calling it quits but not before going out on a long cross country tour in Aug.

What the hell is going on with all these bands breaking up? Catch a few free mp3s off of epitonic's site ED's 02 album Demure has some awesome guitar rock then do the dead on the cheap from emusic. Trust me on this one kids.

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