Friday, July 22, 2005

Rock shows for your summer vs Pollstar

I have been underwater at my new Agency gig but allas, i will be dreaming and remembering a time that I actually went to rock shows and had a good time. This summer please drink lots of beer and enjoy: Teenage Fanclub, Arcade Fire, and Pretty Girls Make Graves.

I heard awesome things about the recent Dinosour Jr. reunion shows. They played mostly older material and sounded great, my buddy Walter said he heard people complaining at the Philly that people wanted to hear the more recent stuff and also said J Mascis looked like an old hippy man and has long lochs have gone completely grey, and somehow Lou Barlow looks like he is pulling 30. Now it's only a matter of time for firehose to get back together for a tour and get edFromohio off the bar stool down in the Carolinas. Who would you like to see get back together from when music was good?

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