Tuesday, July 12, 2005

So you wanna be a has been Rock Star

Round 1 dismissal was a good choice. The best thing I can say is these wanna be Rock Stars are not INXS clones. That would be miserable. What makes it questionable is that for the most part you can pick who's images they are ripping off. Some of their first song choices were very telling. Come on people has there ever been a real Van Halen since David Lee fronted the band? Drummers and bass players are easy to replace. Personalities not so much. Guitar player's, well it gets a little tricky in particular if they are part of the sound. Isn't that right Mr. Dave Navarro ex-RHCP? We know you love yourself that is obvious. What will be interesting to see if they can really see something interesting in a performer and if said skills will also translate in their hits, as well as new material. The fans want to hear the old stuff. It's hard to bring the magic and then come back from the dead.

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