Saturday, July 02, 2005

XBXRX noise vs performance

Xbxrx noise, originally from Alabama, have signed to polyvynl records to follow-up their much touted 2000 releases Gop Ist Minee which they recorded when some of them were barely in highschool! Their spastic version of punk rock melds the mind because it's so damn fast and spend most of the 20 minute show running around the venue. No performance is ever like the last. By buying their music helps them entertain the next crowd. I am curious to see if they take it to the next level visually. Otherwise it is not anything you are going to really spin but just talk about. It's just art with a thinly veiled point. The band is something fun you experience. Just like more tribal Crash Worship which I saw flood the Wetlands in nyc, and swing a flaming boars head into the audience. The bonus of their show is that it can go on for hours if club management lets them. There was another NJ band called Codger which did a similar thing. Basically make a huge fuckin' mess, played a set of deranged metal noise and just get the whole audience involved in their performance.

On the flip side there are bands where the musical performance is just as important as the content. The flaming Lips and >Neurosis fall into this category. Neurosis is more metal and about the mystique they create and the lips more about the art and mad hatter type of fun, I mean the second you introduce a puppet to sing along and very large bunny rabbits you know you've chosen the blue pill. No green. Blue. Green. Both are heavy into multi media aspect of their performance and make the experience well rounded. Consequently a group I used play with was more about what you can say with art through social imagery. See suran song's site.

The third type is good ole live rocknroll. Band and audience.

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